Getting started


Greetings EPSteamers!

Welcome to our temporary space!! (Really there are 2, here and Slack. Use whichever you are comfortable with.)

We apologize for the chaos. Etsy did not give us very much time to set something up. None of us are tech experts on your leadership team. We are doing our best.

It seems a couple of you received rogue emails that had another team member’s name on them. Please just ignore them. (We have been ”syncing” the two sites to make sure everyone has had the opportunity to join both teams.)

The real reason for this communication is to ask everyone who is using Groups for promotion to please add an image to your account. It will make it easier to see when our turn is. (I know you all have images laying around, as we are all online sellers here lol. Nothing fancy... it is just 2 weeks.)

After all of this, whatever Etsy has in store will look pretty good!!


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