Favorite the entire FIRST PAGE of the shop above #chat


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Favorite (heart) the entire first page of the shop directly above you:
1. Post the name of the shop or shop owner's name above you and say, "I hearted (name of shop or shop owner)."
2. Paste a link to the first page of your shop.
3. Then go heart the entire first page of the above shop. The next person will favorite your shop’s first page and so on…
**If you have already favorited (hearted) the first page or certain items in the first page of the shop above you, please unclick the hearts and apply them again.**
Please remember to have your ‘Favorites’ set to ‘Public’ (anyone can see).
Reminder to add "epsteam" tags to your shop items.
To be fair to all shops and fellow teamies, please only do this ONCE A DAY (we appreciate your big heart!).

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